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Face peel with bee venom for professional use. Thanks to the high bee venom concentration, this peel improves the condition of the skin in both short- and long-term treatments. The research shows wrinkle reduction, increased elasticity, and deep nourishment of the skin even after the very first treatment.

Recommended for: Our face peel is designed to reduce wrinkles of different depth such as crows feet, lion’s wrinkle and/or smoker lines. 


It’s all about the ingredients.

The most important composition

A gentle acid peel that works after the very first use. I contains an α-Hydroxy acids and arginine complex for a triple effect. Lactic acid increases the production of collagen, smoothes, and deeply moisturizes the skin. Glycolic acid exfoliates the dead skin. Arginine soothes irritations caused by the treatment as well as strengthens and elasticizes the skin.

BBH Venom:

The main active ingredient produced by our laboratories, BBH Venom is bee venom gently collected from Polish bees. This, so far underestimated, ingredient of bee origin has a variety of properties ranging from anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial to anesthetic and anti-aging. It stimulates the microcirculation of skin cells, which improves their nutrition, increases elasticity, and improves skin regeneration. Wrinkles smooth out and skin regains its natural color and appearance.

Shikimic Acid:

Shikimic Acid belongs to alpha-hydroxy acids and can be extracted from star anise seeds. It has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, seboregulatory, moisturizing, and exfoliating properties. Thanks to it, each treatment helps to restore skin’s natural balance.